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Let me introduce ourselves, We are Pauline and Michael Foy and yes, we are real people, when you phone us up, you will talk to us, not some remote call center located in another State. We have been locksmiths for 15 years now and have are always courteous, punctual and professional.

We have contracts with large service organisations, who send us out to perform security work for such companies as Wal-mart, CVS, Chillis, Michaels and Jo Ann Fabric.

We also provide services for several Home Owners Associations, as well as holiday vacation management firm and home owners.

wWe offer home access for both the police and service companies, like alarm and spinkler firms.

Before we bought Mid-Florida Locksmith back in 2008, we used to travel quite a bit, but because we offer a 24/7/365 service, we haven't had too much time to travel recently. We travelled to hot countries and also cold ones

This is my little princess, Pauline, she's the one in the middle.

We operate a fully equiped van and come out to you. Notice that our van has our name clearly shown on the sides and back. - You will not see this on Scammers, at best they will have a removable magnetic decal on the side of the door.

We are also members of the Central Florida Locksmith Association

Our days are varied and enjoyable, helping our community and keeping people safe

Many of the people we see have a problem, whether it is a lock-out or a lock that needs changing, we like to think that after we have been called, that is one less problem, that they have to worry about.

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We have owned and operated Mid-Florida locksmith since 2008.

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