Please beware of Scammers

These are people who quote you ridiculously low prices over the phone

But once they arrive their price is outrageous

They normally arrived in a unmarked car, so be warned


Please don't get taken in by Locksmith Scammers, This is so very important that we have a page dedicated to scammers and how to avoid being conned out of your money by these crooks.

Get a Locksmith now!

But on this front page, if we can offer one tip it is, make a note of the telephone number of an Honest Locksmith, so ok we would like it to be us, but do some research on the Better Business Bureau or the Central Florida Locksmith Association, just don't go for the cheapest price.

Cheap Price

If they are saying they are charging a trip charge of $19 or $25, you will end up paying much much more. Visit our special page on scammers to see they trick they employ to get your money.

About Us (briefly)

For over 15 years now, since we purchased Mid-Florida Locksmith in 2008, my wife and I have tried to maintain the same level of professionalism that was so common in the past. Every day we handle a variety of different locksmith tasks, we have a good reputation, which is why we get so many repeat customers. Since we are located in the Tourist area, we have a number of holiday management companies, rely on us to handle lock problems, they can depend upon us to find a solution to their problem, whether it be, locked out guests or installation of the latest type of lock. We have contracts with large service organisations, who send us out to perform security work for such companies as Wal-mart, CVS, Chillis, Michaels and Jo Ann Fabric.

We also provide services for several Home Owners Associations as well as offers home access for both the police and service companies, like alarm and spinkler firms.

We do commercial locksmithing work for many churches and store companies in the Disney Area as well as home owners. For a fuller description of the type of work we can help you with, please select the Services tab above, or call us and see how we can help.

About Company

We have owned and operated Mid-Florida locksmith since 2008.

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